Q: how can I choose correct size? 

A: our all clothing are made in Honk Kong and we use Asia Size by default. so in most case you need choose larger one or two than usual, generally you should size up 1-2 according to your height and weight.   

Q: are the products with 1:1 replica ?

A: yes, all our clothes is 1:1 replica, from material until packaging is 100% same as you buy in boutique.

Q: how can I return shipping? 

A: please read our return & exchange policy .  Q: why it take so long for preparing order? A: some products need to be shipped between city warehouses, and most shoes except sneakers, especially almost all lady shoes need to be prepaid  and customized in factory one by one. so it will take 3-5 days around before we start shipment.  Q: why it take so much time for shipping?  and why my shipping tracking record does not move in a long time period? A: as you know due to covid-19, it will take more time than usual. all the flights over the world are very busy and limited. so you’d better have a good reasonable expectations with shipping arrival date.       if your package does move in 14 days, please contact with us.

Q: I can’t find special style from your site. how could I do?  A:  as you know we have many brands supply. we can’t ensure we put all style on the site. you just need sending us pictures. we will ask help from warehouse and factory. 
Q: why there are out of stock in my order? 

A:  because our manufacturer partners also do not have an inventory management system, so we can’t track inventory effectively, there is no inventory management system that’s why sometimes you will be notified out of stock after you paid. you can request replacement or partial refund when you received out of stock email.  

Q: why my order has been overcharged from credit card than order amount?

A: the replicas payment gateway do the same thing for all sellers and buyers, they charge payment fee from both sellers and buyers at the same time, and sometimes they charge a random additional fee. just like underworld operation because we’re replicas business. when you found you have been over charged too much. please contact with us for partial refund request or full refund and cancel the order.

Q: why my payment has been declined always?

A:  as you know most replicas site has been treated as high risk transaction by bank. they will be declined by default. you should approve payment  by yourself. 

and please don’t try multiple different cards in a short time, else it will be realized as high risk operation by payment gateway.

in a word, all your problem or questions please just ask me first for correct confirmation before placing order to avoid mistake. it’s a good protection for both us. 

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